The Sono HSG Procedure

Sono HSG is a safe, simple, and effective ultrasound alternative to the X-ray HSG.

The FemVue® Saline-Air device is used to introduce a consistent mixture of saline and air contrast in a controlled fashion for the tubal evaluation portion of the Sono HSG. The bright echoes of the air bubbles can be seen flowing into and through each fallopian tube, providing physicians an effective contrast to make a tubal patency determination.

FemVue IFU

FemVue Device

Performed in a few easy steps

Tubal patency is determined by observing the saline and air contrast flowing into or out of each fallopian tube*

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*Patency Criteria based on Historical Evidence
Volpi, Ultrasound Obstetrics Gynecology. 1996;7:43-48. | Allahbadia, Fertility and Sterility. 1992;58(5):901-907. | Heikkinen, Fertility and Sterility. 1995;64(2):293-298.

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Sono HSG Benefits

  • Performed in the office in less than 15 minutes
  • Safe alternative to HSG that avoids radiation
    exposure and allergy risk
  • Controlled delivery of contrast
  • Sono HSG with saline and air is concordant to HSG*
  • Natural saline and air contrast minimizes risk of irritation

*S. Maheux-Lacroix et al. Hum Reprod 2014;29(5):953-63.


  • Brings tubal evaluations into the office
    Allows practices to offer a single visit ultrasound fertility evaluation
    using your existing equipment.

  • An Innovative Device
    The FemVue device delivers a continuous stream of saline and air
    as contrast to make a patency determination.

  • A Clear Advantage
    Tubal patency assessments performed in the office can save time and increase productivity.
    Additionally, in-office procedures ease anxiety by providing your patients with a comfortable and familiar setting while avoiding exposure to radiation.

  • A Proven History of Sono HSG
    Sono HSG using saline and air as contrast has proven to be well-tolerated by patients and offers acceptable concordance rates with HSG and LC.

Cost-effective, convenient, and Proven

Office-based procedures like Sono HSG are convenient and cost-effective for your patient when compared
to the hassle and expenses associated with going to a radiology center or hospital for an HSG.

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Leading reproductive endocrinologists and OB/GYN's are using
FemVue to evaluate tubal patency in their practice

Physician Testimonials

Dr. Miller

"FemVue has proven to be
an excellent addition to my practice."

Dr. Parsons

"I have been looking at tubes with air and water for 18+ years, and I have confidence that the technique works."

Dr. Toledo

"FemVue is a very safe and effective way of assessing your patient's fallopian tubes in an office setting."

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