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The FemVue Test

An easy way to have
your tubes checked.

What Is FemVue?
FemVue is a convenient, reliable and cost-effective way to have your fallopian tubes checked. Natural saline-air bubbles, created by FemVue, let your gynecologist quickly look at your tubes. The test is completed in the comfort of your GYN’s office and usually takes less than 15 minutes.
FemVue is comparable in accuracy to the alternative fluoroscopic X-rays (HSG) when checking for open tubes.¹

1 Beverley, et al. (2018) Evaluation of Tubal Patency with a Saline-Air Device. J Reprod Med; 63(3):120-126.

How does FemVue work?

FemVue delivers a saline-air contrast (bubbles) through a balloon catheter. Under ultrasound, your GYN is able to see the bubbles moving into or through your tubes, if they are open.

FemVue for Infertility Testing Step 1

Step 1

Your GYN inserts an ultrasound probe to visualize your anatomy.

FemVue for Infertility Testing Step 2

Step 2

FemVue delivers natural bubbles through a thin balloon catheter placed in your uterine cavity.

FemVue for Infertility Testing Step 3

Step 3

Your GYN will look for bubbles entering and then moving through each fallopian tube to determine if they are open.

FemVue for Infertility Testing Step 4

Step 4

After your tubes are checked, the probe and catheter are removed and the results are available immediately.

What can I expect when having my FemVue?





Why choose FemVue?

FemVue is:

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